Services & Fees


Counseling is a therapeutic process between a mental health professional and a client who is in need of mental, emotional or spiritual help and healing. The focus is often on past hurt or trauma that affects the client’s abilities and health in the here and now. 

$140 per hour

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Coaching is a guided process between a coach and client who needs assistance with personal growth, goal-setting and unlocking their potential in certain areas of their life. The focus is on the future and assisting the client in getting from where there are presently, to where they desire to be in months or years down the road.  

$140 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching primarily focuses on the present time and goals for the future. Counseling primarily focuses on the past and how it impacts the present and future. During counseling, the client will be assessed for mental health issues, with the goal of identifying and reducing symptoms. During the coaching process, the goal is to motivate and encourage the client to achieve specific goals.   

Anyone who wants guidance and help with specific goals for their future. My recommendation is to complete our intake form prior to making a decision between counseling and coaching if you are unsure. The form has specific questions to help the counselor/coach and client determine the best fit.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching does not address any mental health issues or conditions. 

I offer my individual services to any woman, regardless of faith, race or sexual orientation.  However, my approach will have Christian themes because of my personal faith in Jesus. Each person can expect a non-judgement, safe space during our time together. Grace, mercy and forgiveness will be ongoing themes and each client should expect to address these areas during our time together. Discussion of religion or the bible should not be expected unless the client chooses. 

Individually, I only work with women. In groups or with couples, I will work with men as well. I can make a referral for any men who want one-on-one services.

At this time, I take Aetna, Cigna, Oscar, United Healthcare, and Oxford for counseling clients. Clients must reside in the the state of Florida. If your plan is not listed,  a superbill will be provided at the client’s request if they wish to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.