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In today’s world, we can often face daily struggles that lead to anxiety, depression, and broken relationships. We’re here to help you grow toward healing and confidence with biblical truth and evidence-based approaches to mental health.



Counseling is a therapeutic process between a mental health professional and a client who is in need of mental, emotional or spiritual help and healing. The focus is often on past hurt or trauma that affects the client’s abilities and health in the here and now.



Coaching is a guided process between a coach and client who needs assistance with personal growth, goal-setting and unlocking their potential in certain areas of their life. The focus is on the future and assisting the client in getting from where there are presently, to where they desire to be in months or years down the road.



Group support is incredibly powerful. Humans are created for connection and often find their purpose through relationship. We have groups periodically available for counseling and coaching. Contact us for more information.

In-Office, Outdoors & Virtual

All of our telehealth sessions are exclusively virtual through a HIPAA compliant system. Meet with Sarah, virtually, from the comfort of your home or another settling of your choice. 

Sarah also meets in an office setting, as well as outdoor, public spaces based on the discretion of the client.  Some examples of outdoor settings are parks, beaches and nature trails. Whatever outdoor space that would bring joy to the client. 

All counseling clients must reside in the state of Florida. Office location is in Jacksonville, FL. Sarah will meet for outdoor therapy in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL.  Coaching clients can reside in any state or country and meet in-office, outdoors or virtually.

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In-Office Sessions:

Offices of Haven Retreats, Inc., 3721 San Jose Place, Suite 6, Jacksonville, FL 32257